At, your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to deliver a remarkable user experience. To ensure transparency and enhance your understanding of our processes, we have developed this Cookies Policy section that elucidates the nature of cookies and the reasons behind their usage on our website. By comprehending our approach to cookies, you can make well-informed decisions regarding your online interactions.

Cookies are minuscule text files that are saved on your computer or device when you access a website. These files empower websites to recall your preferences, monitor your browsing patterns, and serve personalized content tailored to your interests. Cookies play a crucial role in enabling website owners to gain insights into visitor engagement with their site. Consequently, these insights facilitate improvements in the website’s functionality, structure, and overall user experience.

What are the types of cookies?

Understanding the various types of cookies is crucial for comprehending their role in enhancing your browsing experience. Cookies can be generally classified into four primary categories, each serving a distinct purpose:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Fundamental to the proper functioning of any website, they facilitate seamless navigation and access to site features. They are responsible for important tasks such as authentication, ensuring a smooth and efficient interaction with the user.
  • Performance cookies: Playing an important role in site optimization, they collect data about visitor interactions, including frequently visited pages and error messages that occur. This data allows site owners to identify and correct technical problems, thereby improving overall site performance and user satisfaction.
  • Functionality cookies: Allow websites to remember individual user preferences, such as language, text size or geographic location. By tailoring content to specific user requirements, they improve the overall browsing experience.
  • Targeting or advertising cookies: Using user behavior, preferences and demographic data, targeting or advertising cookies provide website visitors with relevant and tailored advertising. They also facilitate effective marketing strategies by ensuring that users are presented with content relevant to their interests.

In summary, each type of cookie serves a unique purpose, working collectively to improve website functionality and user experience. By recognizing the distinct categories of cookies and their specific roles, you can gain valuable insights into how websites cater to your preferences and browsing habits, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable and personalized online experience.

What cookies we use

​​ values your privacy and does not use cookies to collect any personal or confidential information. We use them in the following categories to ensure a pleasant and personalized experience on our site:

  • Strictly Necessary: These cookies are vital to the smooth operation of our site, as they make navigation easier and allow you to access its features without any hassle.
  • Executive: Using these cookies, we can gain valuable information about how visitors interact with our site. This information helps us identify areas for improvement and optimize our content to improve the overall user experience.
  • Functional: In order to provide a personalized experience, we use cookies that store your unique preferences, such as your language preference and regional preferences.

Please be aware that our website does not use targeted or promotional cookies. We place a high value on your privacy and strive to provide a safe and enjoyable browsing experience without the intrusion of unwanted advertising or content.

How do we use cookies for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable web analytics tool that enables website owners to gain insights into visitor interactions with their site. At, we leverage Google Analytics to obtain information about your engagement with our website, including the specific pages you visit, the length of your stay, and the devices you utilize during your visit.

This crucial data empowers us to discern patterns, fine-tune our content, and enhance the overall user experience. It is important to note that the cookies employed for Google Analytics do not gather any personally identifiable information. Their primary purpose is to furnish anonymous, consolidated data on user behavior, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

By using Google Analytics, we can better comprehend the needs and preferences of our visitors, enabling us to make data-driven decisions that lead to a more enriching and enjoyable experience for you. As a result, we can create targeted content that caters to your interests, identify areas that require improvement, and streamline navigation to provide a seamless browsing experience.

Cookies management

By adjusting your browser settings, you can enable, disable or delete cookies according to your preferences. The following guide shows you how to manage them in popular web browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Start Chrome, click on the three dot menu located in the upper right corner, and select Settings. Go to “Privacy and Security” and click on “Cookies and other site data.” From this point, you can customize the settings to your liking.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open Firefox, click on the three line menu in the upper right corner and select “Options. Click on the “Privacy and Security” tab and find the “Cookies and Site Data” section. Here you can change the settings to suit your preferences.
  • Apple Safari: In Safari, click on “Safari” in the menu bar and select “Settings. Then click on the “Privacy” tab to manage your cookies settings accordingly.
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner and select “Settings. Click the “Privacy, Search and Services” tab and scroll down to the “Cookies and Site Data” section. Adjust the settings according to your privacy preferences.

By actively managing your settings, you can take control of your online privacy and create a browsing experience that fits your needs. We strongly encourage you to review your browser settings to ensure that they align with your personal privacy expectations.